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Super Bowl Gaga

gaga at the super bowl

This sketch is inspired by Lady Gaga performing at the super bowl halftime show 2017. I will illustrate the background.

I sketched Gaga as a Studd Bunnie with her pokerface hair and lighting bolt to get an idea how to illustrate it.

Meeting A

Meeting A

This sketch was inspired by meeting someone special!

I tried drawing the view from inside the car, looking out. The perspective is off. It was worst when I first tried it! I erased most of it and drew it again.

Driving in Boston


Studd Bunnies A is driving! I am not sure why he looks sad. I also couldn’t figure out what prospective this image was in. The tires on the right are not drawn correctly.

House of Carriots

House of Carriots

This sketch was inspired by The House of Cards. I have finished the 4th season. I seen this on a poster promoting the series. I wanted to put a Studd Bunnie spin on it.


Studd Bunnies - Empire

I made this sketch/art work a while back. I gave this piece away to someone special. They were in my life when I was having a rough time. They were the best friend I never had.

This piece is also very special to me because it is what I want my future to be. Sharing my creative ideas with the world and becoming more! Elevating myself to heights I have never been before. Pushing myself to greater things.

I wanted to post it because I am working on an illustration to print out for an Alumni Art Show at Worcester State University. I will upload the illustration when I complete it! I will print it on a canvas to hang in the gallery.