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Snow Bunnie N

A year later, I have illustrated E Studd Bunnie. I have changed E Bunnie to N Bunnie.

This illustration was fun to do. For the first time I added “clothes” to N Bunnie. I gave him a hat, gloves, and boots/socks. I made the shovel pink because I wanted the color to pop. I was thinking a red or orange, but I didn’t want to pick a normal shovel color.

Burritos Inside Illustrated

Burritos-Store - Inside Illustrated

This is my first illustration that focused on the background. I am really happy with it for my first time focusing on the background.

This illustration will appear in the animation. I not sure if I want I want to animate any of the elements in the background. I was thinking of having the “Pop” machine throw out some ice.

Watch out for the completed animation!

This illustration was created from Burritos Inside Sketch.