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Posting the first storyboard on the website!

This was inspired by an interaction between a boss and their subordinate. Example a micromanager, poor communicator, and an aggressive boss.

Read this article if you are having trouble dealing with a poor communicator, micromanager, or an aggressive boss.


I drew this image in the car while I waited. I saw a gif while posting to twitter that I wanted to mirror, but Studd Bunnie style! It was a fat cat.

Cyborg 009

Inspired by watching cyborg 009 Call of justice on Netflix.

The middle guy is a concept I tried, I didn’t like it. So the guy on the left is the final product. I am just not sure how to distinguish between 001 – 009. I was thinking of putting their numbers on their chest, but there isn’t any room.

Snow Bunny N Gif

This will be N Bunnies’ day for the rest of February.

I have created this gif from the illustration I did. I made the illustration from the sketch I did.

This piece took me about 45 mins. I wanted to make sure everything looked like it was animating smoothly! I have his eyes blinking, hes feet moving, and the shovel moving.

Snow Bunnie N

A year later, I have illustrated E Studd Bunnie. I have changed E Bunnie to N Bunnie.

This illustration was fun to do. For the first time I added “clothes” to N Bunnie. I gave him a hat, gloves, and boots/socks. I made the shovel pink because I wanted the color to pop. I was thinking a red or orange, but I didn’t want to pick a normal shovel color.